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Coffee 10 Blend - 250g

BLEND - 250g



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Tasting notes

This blend is called 10 Blend, to celebrate my ten years of activity and passion for speciality coffee and at the same time the 10 years of Terres de Café. 10 is profiled as a velvety smooth body with an explosion of fruit on the finish.

A gourmet cup, fruity and balanced. Ethiopia for sugar and delicious cocoa, Uganda for equilibrium and sweet fruit, Burundi for red fruit intensity. Nose notes of cocoa, sweet spices and honey, followed by some fruity notes.

In the mouth, a very sweet beginning in a velvety body, always with honey and spices and an explosion of fruit, raspberry, pear, apricot. A long, gourmet and praline finish. Roasted in France by Terres de Café

This coffee is roasted for espresso methods.

What is a score?

Our product range is categorised by score: 80+, 85+, 88+ We have the "Specialty Coffee Association of America" to thank for the system of "scores", who defined a very strict ratings protocol to evaluate the quality of speciality coffee. This ratings system enables players within the sector, as well as coffee lovers, to share a common language. Within this tasting protocol, the main criteria for the evaluation of a coffee are noted: odour, aroma, after-taste, acidity, body, harmony, purity...

The final score classifies the coffee within a hierarchy unique to speciality coffee. The coffee must achieve a score of at least 80/100 to be considered a speciality coffee.

A detailed look at the scores attributed to speciality coffee:

Our blends, being mixtures of multiple coffees, are excluded from the rating system, although they are all comprised of speciality coffees.

*The SCAA classifies 90+ coffees as "Outstanding". We consider an 88+ coffee to reflect a quality that is already outstanding, already representing the excellence of the sector. In this regard, it is a Grand Cru.

Sourcing notes

This blend is above all a tribute to Africa and more particularly to East Africa, which has seen the Arabica appear in its humid forest mountains. It is also a story summarising the spread of coffee culture in this region.

Born in Ethiopia, then cultivated in Uganda and Burundi. It is also the story of the mutation of the native Ethiopian varieties, also called Heirloom (here Wallaga), becoming Bourbons after a mutation on the island of Reunion, the colonisation of all Central America in the nineteenth century , and the return to East Africa in the twentieth.

One of the most beautiful hybrids in my opinion, the SL28 and SL34 (Scottish Lab of Kenya), descendants of the Bourbons, chosen by our Ugandan partners to produce a quality option in Uganda.

It is finally the choice of a process common to the three selected coffees, a natural fermentation on African beds to obtain a thick and velvety body, and a density almost common to the three crus in order to obtain a homogeneous solubility during the extraction.

In conclusion, I decided to create this blend with coffees that are certainly speciality, but which are not exceptional micro batches, firstly to emphasise once again that Africa and Africans produce great coffees with sometimes derisory means, and secondly, to offer the public a blend of very beautiful craftsmanship at an affordable price. "

Origins : Costa Rica, Kenya & Ethiopie.

A speciality coffee

Speciality coffee are the best batches of coffee from farms or local cooperatives. They are fully traceable (botanical variety, region, plot) and respect demanding processing methods. This guarantees exceptional quality in the cup.