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Gift Card


Amount :


Gift card available for amounts of:

  • 50 € €
  • 100
  • 150 €
  • 200 €
  • Order your card for the amount of your choice and enter the word you wish to write to your loved one when choosing the delivery, after checking the box "this is a gift".
  • We will write the word on the gift card (paper format), the amount you wish to offer as well as the associated code (usable on the entire website for 1 year.)
  • The Gift Card can be used once or several times.
  • If the person wishes, she/he can complete her/his order by credit card.



Created in 2009 by Christophe Servell, Terres de Café offers the widest range of specialty coffees in Europe with more than 30 exclusive coffees, in bean form or ground, pure origin or blended, according to 4 permanent ranges.