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Flair 58X- Black




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Portable espresso machine Flair 58 X of the brand FLAIR ESPRESSO, Flair 58x is a fully manual and not electric version of Flair 58. It has a more robust construction, a more ergonomic lever to exert the pressure comfortably.

A true ecological alternative for espresso lovers, the Flair Pro 2 is powered by human strength, and therefore uses neither electricity nor capsules.

The Flair 58X is equipped with :

  • Bottomless filter holder (58mm)
  • Single filter (16 to 20g)
  • 58 puck screen which is also perfect for competition filters
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tamper (58mm)
  • ABS cup holder/drainer (can accommodate a small scale)
  • T-shaped handle

For a perfect extraction, we recommend the use of a coffee grinder. A homogeneous grind adapted for espresso machines is necessary.

Discover our tutoriel to use properly the Flair expresso machine (English version)


Machine size: 14 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm

Diameter of the filter holder: 58 mm

Pressure with the lever : from 8 to 16 bars

Dose: 16-20 g (capacity up to 28 g)

Suitable grind: for espresso machine

Maintenance: Clean with a soft cloth

Flair Espresso

With Flair Espresso, discover the coffee perfectly pure thanks to convenient devices with atypical design! The Flair manual coffee maker are portable and will accompany you everywhere for great espressos at any moment.