Methods of preparation - Siphon or depresion coffee maker

Published : 02/17/2019 22:07:07
Categories : How should you make your coffee?

Methods of preparation - Siphon or depresion coffee maker

Some history

invented in France around 1825 is designated a depression siphon coffee maker as the extraction process is filtration by depression. Made up of two glass globes set one above the other and secured to a holder, it functions using the principle of expansion and contraction of steam. What a fine object and how nice to watch but far from simple to clean. The cup result is irrefutable and could be compared to a filtered French Press coffee.


Very similar to filter coffee, very pure as it is filtered, roundness is highlighted.

Strengths / weaknesses

The coffee obtained is at 85 °C, very hot, so wait before tasting it. If properly handled, the result can be remarkable.


For 2 cups Ingredients 30 cl of water 16 g of ground coffee Heat 30 cl of water. Set the filter nicely in the centre of the upper tulip-shaped part. Fill the lower globe-shaped part with hot water. Light the alcohol burner supplied with the coffee maker under the globe (if possible give preference to a gas burner - more precise) and bring the water to boiling point. The water will then rise into the tulip-shaped globe. When the water in the tulip reaches between 90°C and 92°C, scoop 16 g of ground coffee into it and let it infuse for one minute. Turn off the burner. The coffee will then re-descend into the globe. Profile: Similar to that of filter coffee, filtered, so very pure, roundness is highlighted.