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Herbal Tea Rooibos Métisse - in teabags




To create this exclusive Terres de café recipe, we've combined classic red Rooibos, with its spicy, fruity notes, and green Rooibos, which is much less well-known and boasts floral flavours. A subtle, fruity infusion in the cup, with vanilla, lemon and floral notes.

This herbal tea contains no theine and can be drunk throughout the day, hot or cold.


Red and green Rooibos

Steep Time

5 minutes



A Demanding Sourcing

We are driven by the same discipline and dedication when choosing out teas and herbal teas as we are when choosing our coffees.

Sourced from co-operatives which are commited to high-quality and responsible agriculture, our range is guaranteed to be pesticide-free and is purchased at fair prices.

Our teas and herbal teas are then packaged in France in compostable padded tea bags which have been designed without plastic, without glue and without staples. They are individually protected by a recyclable outer packaging.

Specialty teas and premium and original herbal teas with subtle yet intense flavours to make every cup a pleasure.