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Arc coffee scale




Balance Arc Felicita

This scale, water resistant, is made of aluminium. It is the perfect tool to use with your espresso machine thanks to the great precision of mesures that the scale offers. The big LED display of the scale offers great information concerning the weight and the extraction time for your espresso. The scale is fitted with several modes, such as the auto-tare and the auto-timer. 

Precise up to 0.1g.

It is possible to connect your smartphone to the scale thanks to the Felicita app dedicated.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions : L 16 x l 21.2 x H 3,5 cm. Weight 0.65 kg.

Dimensions :  Lithium-ion USB rechargeable

Cleaning : Clean with a damp cloth, no solvents


Felicita offers products dedicated to simplify all the coffee preparations. The Felicita scales are recognized for their durability, their fiability and simplicity of use.