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E43 Allround grinder



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Grinder Faustino Rocket.

The grinder Faustino Rocket is available in 4 color options.

The Faustino is the perfect grinder for Appartamento's owners, or all those that are searching for the Rocket quality for their espressos. This grinder, small and compact, will always provide you homogeneous and precise griding. It is very simple to use, with an electronic dosage and 2 programmable profiles : one for the crushing in a single shot, and another for the double.

The manual dosage is also an option, when pushing simultaneously on the 2 buttons. The touch panel is very performant and will allow, the beginners as the experts, to use the Faustino easily.

Rocket Espresso

Found by New Zealander Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berenbruch, Rocket Espresso is specialized in espresso machines. The're made by hand in Milano.