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Methods of preparation - Piston Coffee Maker

Published : 02/17/2019 13:41:04
Categories : How should you make your coffee?

Methods of preparation - Piston Coffee Maker

Some history

Invented in France in the mid 19th century, the piston coffee maker is still one of the most popular methods worldwide. English speakers call it the French Press while the French prefer calling it the Bodum® coffee maker, from the name of the Danish company which made it the flagship of its coffee range. It is really the easiest method to use. This is pure infusion from which the grounds are removed by pressing them down to the bottom of the coffee maker. It could be said that the method is Brazilian minus the grounds.


A cup with mouthfeel, pleasant enough but which lacks purity due to a high level of sedimentation. Strengths and/or weaknesses It is very important to pour all the liquid into another container or to serve it all in cups. If you leave it untouched in the piston, infusion continues and the juice becomes bitter.


• For 3 cups Ingredients : 250 g of water at 94 °C 18 g of coffee for the water over the coffee.

• Do not break the coffee crust on the surface that has just formed.

• Put the lid on. After 4 minutes, break the crust with a spoon, wait a bit (you decide how long) to enable the particles to settle.

• Press gently and pour the coffee into another container.

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