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Methods of preparation - AEROPRESS

Published : 02/17/2019 22:09:45
Categories : How should you make your coffee?

Methods of preparation - AEROPRESS

A little history

Invented in the United States in 2005 by Stanford professor Allan Adler, the Aeropress a large syringe with an integrated paper filtre. A mix of infusion and filtration, you could say that it achievves a French Press result, but one that is filtered with slight pressure. An interesting mix of infusion and low pressure percolation.


A pleasant, medium body, roundness, relative purity

Strengths and/or weaknesses

Fairly simple to use, an ultra-portable tool on account of being lightweight and compact, fairly cheap, with an excellent result in the cup.


• Ingredients:

Water at 85°C

15 g of coffee

• Pour 200 g of water, without pre-infusion.

• Mix very briefly. After a minute, turn over and press for 30 to 45 seeconds.

Discover our tutorial of the Aeropress recipe :

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