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Coffee Farmers

Published : 02/17/2019 23:25:46
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Coffee Farmers

The world of coffee is undergoing tremendous change. After more than fifty years of industrial domination over the coffee business with an overall mediocre offering, we are beginning to see the emergence of a coffee market demand and offering of quality.

This fundamental change calls into question the whole chain, starting with the coffee farmers themselves who only over the last dozen years have worked to valorize their terroirs to unceasingly enhance the quality and uniformity of their parcels for an increasingly demanding market.


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In this context "estate" means that the farm integrates all the production tools and resources required for the transformation of coffee before shipment: equipment for pulping, fermentation, drying, curing and sorting. Farms build up another fundamental change: professionalisation of cultivation and fermentation methods.

What we are seeing in Latin America and the Caribbean gives cause for enthusiasm. Planters of all ages are dividing their land into parcels, are planting varied botanical species, are producing single variety batches while respecting their land, are experimenting with new fermentation and drying processes and some are investing heavily in coffee transformation resources with the aim of controlling quality as much as possible..


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Whether integrated farms or terroir cooperatives Terres de Café invests in them, at the source of the coffee making process. We set up long-term partnerships and friendly relationships with producers. This work over time allows parcel quality improvement as the years go by and ensures prestigious and safe provisions for our clients. Work is carried out as in large farms: traceability, batches, single varieties, regulated fermentation, etc, allowing exceptional coffees to be produced there.

As there is a strong market demand for top end coffees, the planter can select the most qualitative channels of distribution and so sell at prices in keeping with the quality offered by distributors. The relationship between producers and consumers becomes healthy as a result.They free themselves of large industrial trading constraints and can offer us - we the artisanal coffee plant breeders / roasters - micro-batches the quality of which had never before been seen.


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