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Cleaning tablets Jura x 25




25 cleaning tablets Jura, 2 in 1 formula for an efficient cleaning and a durable protection of your machine. In addition to the cleaning action, the tablets protects your coffee machine with a protective film that delays the fat deposition during the next uses.

Phase I, cleaning : the special formula efficiently dissolve fat and coffee particles in the unit and the percolation filter. The inside and outside of these components  are carefully washed with a 80°C water.

Phase II, protection : active ingredients permeate the surfaces of components with a protective film that delays the coffee fat and residue depositions. 

Result :

The machine is clean by a simple button pression. This perfect hygiene will help you to make coffees of great quality.


Composition : 25 phosphate free cleaning tablets x 3.5g .

Laboratory Tested.


Created in 1931, JURA is a Swiss company that develops innovative high-end household appliances. As a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines JURA has been a main contributor to the household appliance sector since the middle of the 1980s. Now, the company uses its experience and know-how for the development of semi-professional appliances for the office and foodservice sector.