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Knockbox Basic Black - Joe Frex


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This Basic black knockbox from JoeFrex is made of solid and resistant plastic. The socle is in non-slip mat silicone rubber, the central bar is removable, and the solidity of this knockbox allows it to absorb the sound when hitting. It is perfect to receive coffee ground of your espressos, for example.

The knockbox is simple to use, and to wash thanks to its conception that allows it to go to the dishwasher.

Compact, it is perfect for small surfaces!


Dimensions : diameter 10 cm - height: 12 cm


Passionate by the objects conception and DIY, Jörg F. Rexroth create in 1996 his first knockbox for the espresso machine of his friend. Then came the tampers, and other coffee stuf. Successful, Jörg launched in 2006 his brand Concept Art (recently renamed JoeFrex), to meet the needs of all baristas and coffee lovers !