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Box of 100 Light Roast Paper Filters - 1 CUP




The LIGHT ROAST, suitable for light roasts, will give an aromatic and perfectly clean cup.

- recommended extraction temperature: 92°c

- filter thickness: 0,15mm

- crimped outside only


Composition : paper

The thickness of the filter, the mesh and the texture are adapted here according to the roasting styles, which de facto need a specific extraction style!


The Japanese brand Cafec aims to beautify your daily life with quality coffee accessories .

Since 2016, Cafec has been providing solutions for every coffee lover to make a worthy coffee at home. Accessories, paper filters, porcelain dripper and coffee/tea cups ... So many products that make the art of good coffee accessible to all. Share a convivial moment with your friends and family! All Cafec accessories have been thought and designed following studies and researches that show the best way to obtain a quality coffee.