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With great history, tea has always been considered beneficial for health, cutting the risks of cancer, releasing stress, etc. In Terres de Café, we select tea leaves from China, India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, together with herbs, fruits, and flowers including bergamote, lemon, orange, rosehip, and maté, to perpare you a wonderful cup.

You are invited to prepare your ideal beverage : Black Ceylan, Rooibos, Earl Grey, green tea…, with or without theine, hot in winter, iced cold in summer, feel free to indulge any time you love. Behind each variety are its own specificities, in terms of taste, aroma of leaves and fruits, scent ...

Discover products with exceptional ingredients originally sourced by our founder Christophe Servell. Choosing our specialty teas and infusions is to contribute to the development of an organic, sustainable and fair trade industry that prioritizes responsible products, for the environment and for the tea plants.

Packaged in France in compostable padded tea bags which are designed zithout plastic, glue, or staples, our products are individually protected by a recycable outer packaging.

Personalize your choice with your own style, all these to best prepare your consumption according to your accessory: isothermal bottle, kettle, tea-filtering bottle... Several price ranges are proposed, reflecting the rarity as well as the quality of the tea, but one thing remains common to all our teas and infusions: they are sourced from cooperatives practicing a qualitative and responsible agriculture, our range is guaranteed without pesticide and bought at fair price.