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Bluecup aluminium foils for BLUECUP reusable caps


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BLUECUP set of 200 aluminium foils, to close your reusable caps compatible with your Nespresso machine. Each foil has an unique use.

With the BLUECUP kit, enjoy your favorite coffee with your Nespresso machine, and minimize the usual caps waste. BLUECUP is an economical and ecological way to use your Nespresso machine.

BLUECUP recommands you to have a Nespresso machine produced after Oct 2010 for a good operation of the system.


Made in the Netherlands

Composition : Aluminum.


Created in 2014 by Mike Slagboom in the Netherlands, BlueCup is a brand specializing in reusable capsules. Mike had the idea to create his own capsules in order to reduce the cost of buying the standard capsules and the waste they produced. The Bluecup are reusable (up to 200 times) and allow you to consume your favorite coffee, made in a Nespresso machine