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Cascara - Terrazas Del Pisque - Pulp

Box of 100g, pulp


Tasting note

To the eye, the pretty amber colour of rum. In the mouth, a sweet and comforting body, with notes of papaya, fresh apricot, dried fig and vanilla. A light acidity for a soft and thirst-quenching drink.

What is Cascara ? 

Is the skin and sweet pulp that surrounds the pit of the coffee cherry. This pit, when roasted, will become a coffee bean. Fresh, the pulp is a delight with notes of grenadine, spices, pepper, guava, mango...depending on the terroir and variety. Once dried in the sun, the aromas of the pulp are enriched by the organoleptic complexity of the fermentation process. Slightly caffeinated, delicious and refined, cascara also has antioxidant and draining properties. To be enjoyed as a hot or iced infusion, but also as a simple syrup or in a pastry.

PULP is part of the sustainability strategy we are pursuing with Terres de Café's partner farms. Indeed, this new product constitutes an additional income for the farmer thanks to a diversification of his production.

Note de sourcing

Agronomist and poet with a thousand and one lives, Arnaud Causse is taking up a new challenge with his Terrazas Del Pisque farm: to create a productive forest in the middle of the desert. Under the trees And already he is delivering sublime coffees, including this stunning Sidra!