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The coffee of the Month, July 2021 : LA MAJORELLE, MARCELLO ANDRADE.


Tasting note :

  • On the nose : citrus, orange, tangerine and lemon.
  • In the mouth : a nice balance between acidity and sweetness, notes of honey, lemon, apricot. A pure and vibrant finish.

Sourcing note :

La Majorelle, a farm named after the beauty of the gardens of the Villa Majorelle in Marrakech, is part of the Amazalia project of the two Andrade brothers, which includes two eco-farms in the Ecuadorian Amazon, each run by one of the brothers. Here it is Marcello who officiates. Everything is done to produce masterpieces. And in a world exclusive Terres de Café! 

This coffee is roasted for espresso methods and slow coffee methods.

  • The "espresso roasting" is recommended for the following equipment :

  • The "slow coffee roasting" is recommended for the following equipment :

The monthly subscription means :

  • Receive a rare and exceptional coffee every month at a preferential price, accompanied by a coffee from the permanent range.
  • Choose your own formula: 2 or 4 coffees, depending on your monthly consumption; in beans or ground - depending on your machine.
  • But above all, contribute to the fabulous revolution of speciality coffees by being guaranteed to receive the best of the world's production.

About delivery :

  • Delivery is free in Metropolitan France and Zone 1 (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands).
  • For subscriptions made between the 1st and the 15th of the month: the first subscription box is sent within 72 hours.
  • For subscriptions made between the 15th and 30th of the month: the first subscription box is sent at the beginning of the following month. 

Subscribe to a sustainable supply sector ?

Our 10 years of roasting and sourcing allow us to today take a step back on what we do and how we do it. In 10 years, Terres de Café has become one of the leading speciality coffee players in Europe. This success is largely due to our sourcing policy, a pillar of our founding principles of traceability and sustainability.

• Favour coffee grown using agroforestry to combat climate change, deforestation and promote the expertise and the attachment of farming communities to their lands,

• Optimise volumes of coffee purchased from long-term partners to create strong ties and to give them visibility in terms of qualitative and quantitative development,

• Sensitize partners about environmental and social sustainability and support them with training and purchase commitments,

• Promote the quality, traceability and safeguarding of agricultural heritage through high purchase prices compared to "commodity" market prices, thus enabling smallholders to live off their work,

• Maintain a continuous, direct and trusting relationship with partner producers, Not collaborating with agribusiness multinationals that destroy resources and forests.