Grand cru Box


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This box contains 4 bags of coffee beans or ground coffee (250gr):

- Yirgacheffe Mountain Dried (score 88+):  In the nose, a festival of subtle notes of jasmine, mint and thyme. In the mouth, a delicate and silky substance where notes of plum and tea develop. A true wonder. Roasted in France by Terres de Café.

- KSF (score 88+) Ethiopie : On the nose, spices, flowers and nougat. On the palate, a fine citric acidity. Almonds, cinnamon and lemon melt to create a delicious and harmonius nectar...Roasted in France by Terres de Café

Old Yeti Moka Bio (score 88+): Forest coffee of Wallaga, coffee's birthplace. On the nose: flowers, chocolate and spices. A chiseled and juicy mouthfeel, then notes of lemon and grapefruit. A long and delicious finish.

Guji Highland Moka Bio (score 88+): Explosive in the nose and mouth, you are overcome by a strong aroma of infinite length. Then come the characteristic notes of cocoa, spices and red fruits, with just the right nuance of notes of fermentation.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions: L 29,5 x l x 24 H 8 cm

Composition: Beans or ground

Terres de Café

Founded in 2009 by Christophe Servell, Terres de Café offers the largest range of specialty coffees in Europe with more than 30 exclusive coffees, in grain or ground, pure origin or blends.