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Standart Magazine - Issue 17




Issue 17 " Scrabble, death and coffee"

Written in English.

Discover the coffee under all its complex aspects in this autumn 2019 edition : Standart explains you global subjects on coffee (comparison between tea and coffee tasting, focus on Sri Lanka, etc.), but also people that are part of the culture of coffee (baristas' interviews), and the world (coffee in the Balkans, coffees' origin, etc.).

Everything to become an expert of specialty coffee !


Winter 2019/2020

Language : English

Pages : 129

Dimensions : H 24 x L 18 cm.


Standart is a specialty  coffee culture magazine. It is dedicated to coffee lovers but not only ! All the persons that believe coffee is not just a delicious drink are concerned. Standart's wish is to make the culture of coffee more accessible.

With Standart Magazine, explore all the aspects of coffee  : sociology, science, history, culture, ...