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Magazine Standart - Issue 21


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Issue 21 coalesces around the theme of sustainability, to guide us as we head into a new and better year. Standart provides you with a quick cheat-sheet covering facts and easy-to-implement measures to reduce your ‘foodprint’, while Lem Butler and Kyle Ramage of Black and White Coffee Roasters give a small insight into how they built and maintain a working relationship that birthed one of the foremost roasteries in the USA.

In this issue’s long-form piece, Standart look at how, and why, coffee companies sell sustainability.

They survey the entire landscape, from the rise of corporate social responsibility, to greenwashing, to new initiatives set up to continue to work towards the ideal of sustainable business. Keep up to date with what Standart are up to via the wonders of social media...


Winter 2019/2020

Language : English

Pages : 129

Dimensions : H 24 x L 18 cm.


Standart is a specialty  coffee culture magazine. It is dedicated to coffee lovers but not only ! All the persons that believe coffee is not just a delicious drink are concerned. Standart's wish is to make the culture of coffee more accessible.

With Standart Magazine, explore all the aspects of coffee  : sociology, science, history, culture, ...