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Organic coffee Yeti Village Moka - 250g



Score 85+

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Tasting note

This coffee is in the DNA makeup of Terres de Café. Indeed, Yeti was the first coffee purchased by Christophe Servell in 2009!

The 2020/21 vintage is a sweet pastry. A slightly floral and quite spicy nose.

  • On the palate, a velvety body that announces greediness. Notes of Tonka beans, honey, cane sugar, milk chocolate, held by a subtle acidity and light notes of exotic fruits. A perfectly balanced cup of absolute delicacy.

Roasted in France by Terres de Café.

This coffee is roasted for espresso methods and slow coffee methods.

  • The "espresso roasting" is recommended for the following equipment :

  • The "slow coffee roasting" is recommended for the following equipment :

What is a score?

Our product range is categorised by score: 80+, 85+, 88+ We have the "Specialty Coffee Association of America" to thank for the system of "scores", who defined a very strict ratings protocol to evaluate the quality of speciality coffee. This ratings system enables players within the sector, as well as coffee lovers, to share a common language. Within this tasting protocol, the main criteria for the evaluation of a coffee are noted: odour, aroma, after-taste, acidity, body, harmony, purity...

The final score classifies the coffee within a hierarchy unique to speciality coffee. The coffee must achieve a score of at least 80/100 to be considered a speciality coffee.

A detailed look at the scores attributed to speciality coffee:

Our blends, being mixtures of multiple coffees, are excluded from the rating system, although they are all comprised of speciality coffees.

*The SCAA classifies 90+ coffees as "Outstanding". We consider an 88+ coffee to reflect a quality that is already outstanding, already representing the excellence of the sector. In this regard, it is a Grand Cru.

Sourcing note

Organic Moka Yeti Village, a coffee named after the village where the beans are picked and harvested, never disappoints, on the contrary. Its gourmandise, softness and unique taste make it a coffee appreciated by everyone but quite different owing to its unique character. Yeti and Dulli coffees are quality optimized by a partnership with the producers to make these coffees world class. This newly arrived crop has been quality optimized, a program provisioned in the village of Yeti. The history of Terres de Café begins with these forests since these are the first specialty coffees we purchased at the time the company was set up. By purchasing this coffee, you contribute to: Funding drying beds so that the whole harvest can throughput this type of process, Providing training and support for total mastery of drying and fermentation, Paying bonuses for quality pickings in tune with the number of cherries harvested at full maturity. An exceptional terroir requires precise and mastered processing to give of its best. We have succeeded and all now bears the certification label of Organic Farming!

A speciality coffee

Speciality coffee are the best batches of coffee from farms or local cooperatives. They are fully traceable (botanical variety, region, plot) and respect demanding processing methods. This guarantees exceptional quality in the cup.