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The now mythical R58 from Rocket Espresso has been given a new design and is now the CINQUENTOTTO.

New feet, and a touch-sensitive communication box to make your temperature settings even easier.

And always a perfect thermal stability thanks to its PID now easily programmable, its two real boilers, one dedicated to hot water and the other to the coffee group, and its professional and silent rotary pump.

This machine is for us the best value for money in its category, by far.

Extremely robust, it can extract all types of coffee, and all types of roast, from the darkest to the lightest.

It can be used connected to the water network or as a stand-alone machine.

And we offer you coffee and a mini training session in the shop.


  • A very quiet professional rotary pump
  • Water connection (inlet and outlet) to make the machine 100% autonomous
  • Perfect thermal stability

Advantages of the brand :

  • Attractive modern stainless steel design
  • E-61 coffee unit: stability and thermal insulation
  • 1.8 L water boiler and 0.58 L coffee unit.
  • 2 copper boilers connected to brass heat exchangers, which increases thermal retention and steam output by about 40% compared to other boiler systems
  • Removable PID system: maintains and controls the temperature of both boilers
  • Automatic boiler level control
  • Double pre-infusion system: allows optimal coffee extraction
  • Quiet rotary pump
  • Insulated nozzles: 2 internally insulated hot water nozzle holes to prevent scalding
  • Removable cup holder
  • Beautiful dimensions: A professional machine in a very compact size
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning

OUR EXPERTISE : The best thermal stability in its class makes it the best value for money on the market. A professional quality machine that puts its high price into perspective. Exemplary extraction on all types of grain.

USE : Domestic and semi-professional (up to 80 coffees per day)

ADVICE : Now or later, use a grinder for an espresso worthy of the greatest, provided you use good freshly roasted coffee of course !

For any purchase of a Rocket coffee machine, Terres de Café offers you an organic box (coffee beans) and a filter brita

Technical specification

- Dimensions : 31 x 44 x 38.5 cm

- Weight : 29 kg

- Water tank capacity : 2.2 L

- Boiler capacity : 1,8 L + 0,58L

- PID system : maintains and controls the temperature of both boilers for optimal results. The rotary pump or the possibility to connect this range of machines directly to a water network.

- Power : 1600 watts

- Group : Brass type E61

- Pump : Very quiet rotary pump type

- Boiler : The boiler is made of pure copper (99.9%) with free advance, brass ends to increase thermal retention and steam output by approximately 40% compared to other boiler systems. The boiler is made of nickel for optimal protection against copper oxidation.

- Maintenance : The only enemy of your machine, apart from yourself, is scale. Protect your machine by descaling it often or by using a filter system at the source (Brita filters).

- If you use the connection kit, connect a filter cartridge between your water supply and your machine. 

- Warranty : 2 years

- After sales service : Terres de Café


  • 1 PRO filter holder
  • 1 spout 1 PRO filter holder
  • 2 spouts 1 single cup filter
  • 1 two-cup filter
  • 1 group maintenance brush
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 1 user's manual 1 CD-ROM
  • 1 Tamper
  • Complete kit for water connection (inlet + outlet)


Rocket Espresso has been accompanying specialty coffee lovers for 15 years. Each machine is handmade in Milan. Design, sturdiness, reliability, quality of the components, Rocket has become one of the essential references for espresso lovers.